Creativity and Pregnancy

Looking back March – May were a whirlwind of art related activities. I was busy getting ready for several exhibits, Open Studios, etc. It was also my first trimester and I was exhausted most of the time. It was definitely a test of endurance made more difficult by the fact that the pregnancy was still a secret.  Now that I am in my second trimester, things have settled down a bit and the pregnancy has been announced I find myself with a mixed bag of creative motivation and inspiration. Some days I am filled with ideas and motivation and others I am content to sit with my ice cream and do nothing. Often it’s the ice cream that wins even when I am inspired, stupid delicious ice cream.  When I am motivated it’s not usually related to my fine art work. I would consider it to be a bit more crafty and domestic. I am sure it has something to do with the nesting instincts.

I must admit when we made the decision to have a baby I had a lot of fears about losing my creativity. Will I have enough time and energy to keep creating? How will my priorities and views be different? Another part of me is excited to see and experience the world through new eyes. How could I not be inspired by that? Although there are some days I am completely overwhelmed and terrified, I am excited about the new adventure we are embarking on and can’t wait to share art and creativity with my child.

We shall see how the next four months progress. I do have a few shows and art related activities coming up to work on. I am hoping to get into the studio more to work on art and jewelry. Maybe work on creating a little creative corner for the kid.

Here is a blog post I found on creativity and pregnancy that I can completely relate to:
What I really want: Musings on creativity and pregnancy
Some famous paintings of pregnant women

Jan van Eyck’s The Arnolfini 

Gustav Klimt’s  Hope Two

 Raphael ‘s Portrait of a Pregnant Woman (La Donna Grivada 1506)

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  1. Shannon, My experience with childbearing and creativity is that yes, you will be very engrossed with your child for a while, well, forever really! But I found a significant boost in my creativity after I became a mother. I didn’t expect this at all, quite the opposite in fact. It took a little while, but I developed a kind of razor-sharp focus during the little free time I had and made the most of it, and my art took a kind of quantum leap. So I suspect in some way that the creation of life and the creation of art are somehow intertwined, and this you can use to your advantage. You will also get very good at multi-tasking! Blessings on the journey,

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