stARTup Art Fair

 stARTup ART FAIR ~ SAN FRANCISCO @ Hotel del Sol (SF)
3100 Webster Street
Room 321
San Francisco, CA 94123
Friday April 28, 2-6PM – Opening Night Party 7-10pm
Saturday April 29, 12-9PM
Sunday April 30, 12-7PM

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Shannon Amidon & Christine Rasmussen present Seeking Harmony
In contrast to the current climate of overstimulation and information overload, our work explores stillness, intimate moments and the in-between. In this time of social, environmental and political upheaval, our joint exhibition will offer viewers a moment of contemplation and introspection – a chance to reset.

Through layering and symbolism, the bold and graphic work draws an often unseen line connecting the past, present and future. Constructed environments and recorded moments, real and imagined, reveal reflections on the past and hopes for the future. Shannon Amidon’s muted palette and ephemeral imagery explores the cycles of life, calling attention to the environment’s transitory and fragile nature. Christine Rasmussen’s bright colors and strong compositions wrestle with boundaries, belonging and femininity.

The lack of human presence in both of our work raises questions about presence and absence, strength and vulnerability, hidden and exposed. The harmony created by the coexistence of these dualities invites the viewers to seek a fresh perspective.