Suffused with light : LUMINOUS : TRANSLUCENT

Gossamer webs, translucent bells, and sparkling combs, these were some of my inspirations to create the Lucid series from one of nature's most graceful intricate creatures; jellyfish. While observing and contemplating these phantom like creatures, one is almost hypnotized as they drift, pulse, and dance ceaselessly before you. Jellyfish artfully entice one to envision fairy-tale worlds and conjure thoughts of dazzling ethereal creatures. From a distance, each piece looks as if it were an abstract creation and in essence, they are. Nature herself creates some of the most extraordinary conceptual art, unfathomable by most. Upon closer examination, the detail and form of each jelly becomes visible. I explore the shape, motion, colors, and patterns of an assortment of jellyfish. I merge and transform the original photographs of jellyfish using a process known as photographic Xerox transfer in an attempt to give them depth, texture and life. Using chemical solvents, I transferred my original photographs of Jellyfish onto 11" x 11" and 24' x 24" Birch wood panels and covered them with a textured gel medium. This process permitted me to illuminate the soft flowing lines and unique constancy of each jellyfish giving the photographs a more painterly ethereal quality.

Learn more about the creation process and crafting techniques here

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