In the end we all return to the earth

Works on birch wood panels


Works on paper 

Delving further into encaustic painting, layering and collage, I explore the process of healing, the persistent duality of life and death, and the mix of emotions elicited from experiencing the birth and death of loved ones in a brief span of time. I craft intimate environments that hold both a sense of strength and vulnerability. Fragments of beloved books, mementos and letters of late family members are paired with organic imagery derived from memories of both joy and anguish. Revealing reflections on the past and hopes for the future; honoring and celebrating those who have left and those still new to the world.

The above pieces are mixed media encaustic on birch wood panels or created directly on old book pages or letters. They each have books pages, letters, and old ephemeral I use golden thread to sew together pieces of these mementos creating treasured fragments of memories. I use a variety of materials to incorporate the warm golden tones including natural earth mica, gold leaf, and handmade gold oil paint.