Really? Infinite tulips

So I was quite disappointed while browsing the photography section at the local book store today. Looking for inspiration and all I found was well, lots of crap. Infinite tulips, Naked Babies, The Big Book of Boobs, World’s Worst Hotel Rooms, these were photography books? WTF

Shaking my head I decided to take one last look. Then I saw it, tucked away inbetween the rubbish. Elephant House or: The Home of Edward Gorey. Oh what a wonderful treasure I found, full of hope and inspiration. The publisher writes: This photographic tribute to the mordantly whimsical Edward Gorey captures the domestic life of an artist and writer who, in Updike’s words, “never strayed from his curious, carefully crosshatched corner of sinister nostalgia, yet wound up widely on view.”
So I rescued the book and am giving it a nice home amongst books it should be surrounded by.