Thank You - All is Creation - All is Change

Wow, what an amazing opening reception for All is Creation - All is Change. I was blown away by all of the wonderful people and feedback. I loved meeting so many new people and reconnecting with familiar faces and friends.

I really enjoyed talking with so many people but still felt I didn’t get to spend enough time with anyone. The night was a whirlwind and went by in a flash.

If you couldn’t make it to the reception you can check out some of the photos below. You can also see the exhibit in person - which I highly recommend. The art will be up until Oct. 25th and you can find all the details on location, times, etc. here.

You can also find a catalog of all the artwork in the exhibit here

Photos by Donny Foley, Marie Cameron, Ryoko Goldston and Renee Yang


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For the past two years I have been a member of the Thrive Art Studio mastermind program. It has really been a great experience. I have met amazing and inspiring women and been pushed and supported in my creative practice. When I started Thrive I thought it would be focused on business professional development. What I have gotten out of it is so much more. I didn’t anticipate the friendships and deep bonds I would be making with like-minded creative women. I didn’t realize how important that was for my creative journey. There are lots of great resources, idea sharing and business lessons but I think the emotional support, accountability and connections have been the highlight of this experience

Now on my third year I am excited to be taking on a new role as a mastermind meeting leader. I get to lead a group of women for a year on this creative, growth filled journey. One of the things I love about Thrive is that it is made up of women from all over the world, all age groups and experience levels. The common thread is that we are all dedicated to our creative careers and are willing to do the work.

In addition to the mastermind groups they also have a great artist network and podcast. You can check out and learn more about Thrive here.


New Exhibits

As fall approaches I am gearing up for several new exhibits. I will be attending all of the opening reception events except for the Fragile Blue Marble show.

Upcoming Exhibits

Fragile Blue Marble
Thursday, September 19, 2019
Artik Art & Architecture, San Jose, CA (map)

I am participating in this group exhibition that brings attention to environmental issues now facing us. The opening reception is Thursday Sept 19th and the exhibit will be up for a year at Artik Art and Architecture.

circle piece.jpg

All is Creation - All is Change - Solo Exhibition
Opening Reception Fri, Oct 4, 2019 6:00 PM
Show runs Oct 4th - 25th
Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA (map)

Join me for my return to the Bay Area for a solo exhibition of all new artwork. Opening reception will be held Friday October 4th, 6pm-8pm

All is creation - All is change encompasses many universal themes: embracing change, observing the recurrent acts of renewal, and noting and surrendering to the cycles and seasons of life.

Blackburn’s Sphinx Moth_Amidon.jpg

Red List: Moths and Butterflies
Opening Reception Thu, Oct 10, 2019 6:00 PM
Show Runs Oct 10th - Nov 10th
Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA (map)

I am thrilled to have 3 paintings in this important art exhibition. Red List: Moths & Butterflies will focus on endangered species of moths and butterflies in North America, Canada and Mexico. The aim of this exhibit is to bring more awareness to this growing list and to what efforts are being made towards recovery and conservation. A % of proceeds from sales will be donated to the Xerces Society.

Sitka Art Invitational
Sat, Nov 2, 201910:00 AM Sun, Nov 3, 20194:00 PM
Miller Hall, World Forestry Center, Portland, OR (map)

I will be participating in the Sitka Art Invitational and have 3 brand new pieces in this not to be missed exhibition. Find out more about Sitka and this exhibition here.

Blind Insect

A wonderful new art gallery opened up 2 blocks from my house on Alberta St.

Blind Insect is a multicultural art gallery and shop that features the artwork of people of color and local artists. I am thrilled to share that my artwork will be included in this new space.

They are having their grand opening on July 24th and 25th (Alberta St. Last Thursday Art Walk) 6pm-9pm. I will be there both days and would love to see you.
Blind Insect
2841 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR

blind insect 1.jpg
blind insect 2.jpg

Heading Home

Well, we have arrived at the last day of this wonderful residency. I head home this afternoon. This week has gone by so fast, the last few days have been a whirlwind. We went to the Mer Bleue bog to catch and identify more insects. There was a great variety to choose from, the dragonflies and damselflies were abundant and there were also lots of flower flies, moths, beetles and spiders.

We also visited another apiary, this one was on an organic farm community. It was great to get another perspective on beekeeping. One thing that has been very apparent is how passionate beekeepers are about their hives and bees. Its definitely something I am interested in learning more about to possibly have my own hives one day.

One of the highlights of the residency was visiting the Canadian Collection of Insects, Arachnids and Nematodes. We saw their amazing collection and talked to scientists about parasitic wasps and other insects. We also met with their scientific illustrator, it was really cool to see how another artist works. She works with the scientists to create illustrations for their books, papers and other materials. She uses a combination of digital and analog techniques to make sure her drawings are accurate.

There were also great talks about Insects in Western Art History and with a city government exterminator to learn about urban pests and how to identify and deal with them in an environmentally safe way.

Looking back on the week and these posts its amazing how much we did. In between these workshops, talks and activities there was some time to interact with and learn from the other artists at the residency. It was a pretty intense week that I will need time to process and reflect on. I find that seeds are planted during these adventures and sometimes they can take a while to germinate. Then 4, 6 or 12 months later I yield the benefits of what I have learned from these experiences.

I am excited to get back home and into my studio, it will be great to go back through my notes and pictures and recall everything that I have learned.

There are a lot of great photos on Facebook you can check out too.

Macro Bees

Its been more challenging than I anticipated to keep this daily blog up. Our days have been long and full. On Monday morning we visited a biodynamic beekeeper. It was a very interesting and enlightening way to keep bees. It really opened my eyes to a different way of beekeeping that isn’t the traditional model. Ferme et Foret does ecological farming and foraging that focus mainly on maple syrup, berries, mushrooms and other farm products. The beekeeping is a passion and more of a hobby for the farm owner. She keeps her bees as she does her farm partnering with nature and the bees.

During the afternoon we got a great crash course in macro photography to help us photograph insects better. It was great because the photography teacher demonstrated how to take images using everything from a simple cell phones to a high end professional cameras.

Only a few days left on this adventure. Then I will need to time process and absorb everythign I have learned. I hope you are enjoying following along with me, I would like my writting to be better and longer but progress not perfection has been my motto.

A Closer Look

I realized I never really described the residency I am on. It is an art and science research residency focused on insects. It is not really for art making but for learning and research for your art practice. A lot of artists don’t have access to or get the opportunity to interact with scientists and experts in areas outside of the art world. The Ayatana Artist Research Residency gives the artists that opportunity. It’s a really wonderful experience to be around other artists with common interest and to learn from the experts in this field.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of working with an entomology research associate. She was in her 70’s and has been working with insects her whole life. I loved the passion she still held for the subject and really appreciated what a wonderful teacher she was. The morning was spent learning how to identify the different types of insects by their anatomy. We looked at the insects under a microscope to get a super close look at all the cool parts, and yes that is the scientific way of describing it. The afternoon was spent in the Fletcher Wildlife Gardens catching insects in nests and identifying them.

After returning to the residency house we were treated to a talk and slide show about different artists using live insects in their artwork. It was really fascinating and inspiring to see how other artists are collaborating with nature. Then we headed out after dinner to feed the mosquitoes and search for fireflies. It seems the mosquitoes had more luck then we did as the evening was a bit cool for the fireflies so not many showed up.

Miles of Insects

I love slowly waking up with the sun and sound of birds each morning. It’s an early wake up but it gives me time to think and reflect on the previous day’s activities and prepare for the upcoming adventure. Yesterday we spent the day searching for insects in Gatineau Park . We began the day with a tree naturalist learning about insect tree relationships and the forest tree and plant life. Owen our guide was so knowledgeable and nice. We found a variety of insects and evidence of insects. We were also delicious snacks for the mosquitos and biting flies.

After lunch and a little rest, we went to a meromictic lake to look for dragonflies.  Meromictic, means that its upper and lower layers of water never mix. Normally a lake’s water layers mix completely each year during the spring and fall, because of water density, water and air temperature, and the wind. The mixing of lake waters distributes nutrients and oxygen evenly throughout the lake. In a meromictic lake there is no oxygen in the deepest seven metres of the lake.

During our 3 hours hike we saw lots of dragonflies, damselflies and darners along with a variety of other creatures. There is also a mica mine near the lake and I was able to collect some samples of beautiful mica flakes that I will use in my paintings. Luckily there didn’t seem to be any biting creatures around the lake, so we got a little break from insect bites.

After dinner we set up a moth lure on the deck and waited a while for the moths to arrive. I was dead tired from the long day so I ended up going to bed before I could witness the full effect of the lure. I got a great night sleep so hopefully will be able to enjoy the lure tonight.

Today we will be spending the day at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden where we will work with an entomologist to learn how to identify insects.

Also, here is a link to the photos everyone has been taking. We will be adding more to the albums each day. Swarm 2019 Photos

Arrived in Canada

Yesterday was the first official day of the Swarm residency at the Ayatana Artist Research Program. I arrived very late on July 4th due to flight delays in Washington DC. The delays were frustrating, but they did give me the opportunity to watch the fireworks in New York city from the plane. It was pretty spectacular watching the city sparkle and glow from above. I was also able to spy a few fireflies before I went to bed.

Yesterday (Friday) the other artists arrived around 3pm. That gave me a chance to explore the grounds of the big yellow residency house that is tucked in the trees. The tri level house and grounds are beautiful, lots of green foliage and flowers. Right now all of the peonies are blooming, they are great big pink saucer sized flowers. I spotted a few chipmunks playing in the yard as well as white admiral butterflies and lots of different birds.

There are five other artists from all over the US and Canada. They each gave a presentation about their artwork and practice. Their mediums vary from oil painting, print making, video and mixed media art. I love meeting and learning about new artists especially when we all have a common interest. In this case insects and nature.

Its pretty hot and humid here. We had a crazy thunder, lightning rainstorm yesterday. I’m hoping the weather cools down a bit.

This morning we are meeting a naturalist for a hike to learn about bark boring beetles and other insect tree relationships. Then in the afternoon we are heading to a bog to find dragonflies.

Dusting this blog off

Its been several months since I last posted anything on here. To be honest I was hibernating in the cold Portland winter and when Spring came I was so overwhelmed with the beauty that I just immersed myself in it. As the days started to warm I was able to get out into my studio and really get the ball rolling with my art making. My mind was on creating, not composing blog posts. But I am at a point now where I would love to share the projects that I am working on and adventures I am going on.

Very soon I will be leaving for an artist residency in Quebec Canada. I will be returning to The Ayatana Artists' Research Program. I am thrilled to be coming back for my third year and again as an expedition leader. I am excited to be working with the experts and scientists and deepen my knowledge of insects and entomology.

My plan is to try and write a short blog entry each day to share my experience, I hope you follow along and let me know what you think.

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