A little pick me up

This past weekend I went to Sonora for a wedding. It’s a quaint little gold rush town, surrounded by trees, filled with history. We stayed in an old Victorian house that served the best homemade scones for breakfast. The wedding was nice but what was even nicer was getting away, being somewhere different. I enjoyed walking around the town and visiting all the little shops. I bought a rock, well it’s a huge piece of dessert rose gypsum from Mexico. In a town filled with beautiful antiques I come home with a 10 pound rock, I do love my rocks and fossils. It was a very refreshing trip and just what I needed to shake me up a bit.

My Desert Rose-
After a wonderful getaway weekend I came home and made 20 new Lumen prints. I am moving in a new direction with this series and am very excited about the possibilities. I can’t wait to debut them at Open Studios in May.