An artist’s rant

Getting rejection letters/emails suck. Nobody likes them, the I’m sorry but… thank you but unfortunately… your work just doesn't…..There were so many great artists to choose from …….. we appreciate your submission but… It is just something that comes with the territory of being an exhibiting artist. We have to have thick skin and move on to the next thing.

Let me tell you what I think is worse than a rejection letter, being flat out ignored. Not getting a yes, no, drop dead or any response at all. It just drives me crazy. Yes, I know the curators, boards, directors, gallery or store owners are busy, but guess what, I am too. I took a lot of time to format my images to your exact specifications, to write a nice proposal, cover letter or any other documentation you required to even look at my submission. I met your deadlines, I did every song and dance requirement you asked for. The least you can do is respond; I don’t even care if it’s a form letter. That way I am not waiting, hoping or possibly putting something else on hold.

Now maybe these people don’t want to be mean, negative or make me feel bad as an artist. Well, I’m a big girl and I can handle it. It makes me feel a lot worse when I go to your website and find out that you chose other artists and didn’t have the consideration to inform the people you didn’t choose. It’s that simple really, it comes down to being considerate. It’s really not that difficult. So please, we are all professionals here. Let’s act like we are and communicate with respect and consideration.

I usually don’t like to be negative or rant and complain but this is something that really bothers me. Now that I have that off my chest we can get back to our regularly scheduled happy blog posts ;)