And we are off

I officially started my artist residency at the Tech Shop, it’s a 3 month residency that includes a membership, a couple of classes and a featured art exhibit. On Wednesday I had a tour of the facilities including all of the cool equipment and just a few hours after that I was in my first class, laser cutting and etching. That machine is really cool, you can cut and etch everything from wood and metal to chocolate and pumpkin.

Practicing with the laser engraverPracticing some etching on a small piece of metal

My featured exhibit is the first Friday in August (not that far off) and to be honest I don’t have a clear idea of what I am going to create for it. That’s a little scary and exciting. Sometimes I can be an over planner so when I don’t get to do that I am thrown out of my comfort zone which I think is good (at times).I have some ideas bouncing around in my head but I have to get in and learn and practice the equipment before I can really start creating.

My Tech Shop membership badgeMy Tech Shop membership badge