Arrived in Canada

Yesterday was the first official day of the Swarm residency at the Ayatana Artist Research Program. I arrived very late on July 4th due to flight delays in Washington DC. The delays were frustrating, but they did give me the opportunity to watch the fireworks in New York city from the plane. It was pretty spectacular watching the city sparkle and glow from above. I was also able to spy a few fireflies before I went to bed.

Yesterday (Friday) the other artists arrived around 3pm. That gave me a chance to explore the grounds of the big yellow residency house that is tucked in the trees. The tri level house and grounds are beautiful, lots of green foliage and flowers. Right now all of the peonies are blooming, they are great big pink saucer sized flowers. I spotted a few chipmunks playing in the yard as well as white admiral butterflies and lots of different birds.

There are five other artists from all over the US and Canada. They each gave a presentation about their artwork and practice. Their mediums vary from oil painting, print making, video and mixed media art. I love meeting and learning about new artists especially when we all have a common interest. In this case insects and nature.

Its pretty hot and humid here. We had a crazy thunder, lightning rainstorm yesterday. Iā€™m hoping the weather cools down a bit.

This morning we are meeting a naturalist for a hike to learn about bark boring beetles and other insect tree relationships. Then in the afternoon we are heading to a bog to find dragonflies.