Art Supplies

Being a mixed media artist I need and use all kinds of different supplies, not all of them are traditional art supplies either. Some of the places I patron are pretty standard but others are very unique. So I thought it would be fun if I shared some of my favorite supply stores with you. 
The Bone Room
1569 Solano Avenue
Albany, CA 94707
This is an amazing natural history store. They have everything you could ever imagine, bones, fossils, insects, feathers, teeth, books, eggs, taxidermy, meteorites, casts and more. It’s a small store but they have it filled from floor to ceiling. The staff are really wonderful as well. In the past they have sold my copper electroformed jewelry. They have reasonable prices and if you have a business with resale license you can have your resale permit on file so you do not have to pay sales tax.
Dick Blick Art Supply
979 Market Street
San Francisco, CA
One of the best priced traditional art supply stores. I love this place, I get a lot of my encaustic paint and boards here. You usually get a discount for buying in bulk. They often have sales and have almost anything you could want or need
Paxton Gate
824 Valencia Street,
San Francisco, CA 94110
This is another natural history store but with a more decorative higher price point. They sell a variety of unique air, succulent and carnivorous plants. They also have insects, fossils, bones, books, and other oddities.
I think every artist/crafter knows about and shops at Michael’s. They are great for quick trips when you need something standard. They also usually have really good coupons and sales on frames. Recently I got $300 worth of frames for $125 because of coupons and sales.
This is where I get my bulk wax and damar resin for my encaustic making. They have always been easy to deal with and ship quickly. They have the best prices for bulk wax that I have found.
University Art
Store throughout California
This is a local art supply store, they are more fine art than Michaels and are convenient for a variety of supplies. If you have a business with resale license you can have your resale permit on file so you do not have to pay sales tax.
Antique, thrift & flea markets
I also get a variety of items from these places. I try to visit them frequently so I don’t miss anything.
Local Library
I usually get my used books at the local library sales. They usually have them once a month and most of the time you can fill a paper bag for $5.