Art, Travel and New Processes

Oh I am so excited I have recently been experimenting with a new photographic process and the results are wonderful. It’s a process I found called a Lumen print but it’s basically a form of a photogram using ultra violet rays. It has the potential to grow into something wonderful. I will post some example when I have a chance.

I have been keeping busy getting ready for the show in SF, painting the banner and prepping for Open Studios. I am also going to have a piece in the Works Gallery members show. That will be March 28th - April 22nd. So far this year has started off great; I just hope I can keep this momentum up.

The official countdown to our trip has begun. We have been busy getting all of our supplies and things together, it’s been fun. We are going at the end of the rainy season so we have to get cloths for rain and heat. This month has been and will continue to be hectic. I just got my malaria pills prescription from the doctor. Something I was hoping I would not have to take but since we will be in the jungle for a few days it’s important.