Back on the Road


Maui was an amazing experience. Swimming in the ocean with giant sea turtles and jellyfish, ATV riding, the best pineapple I have ever had. I didn’t get as much art done as I had planned but that’s ok, I did a lot of reading and research. I am hoping to post some pictures from the trip soon. But its going to be a little while because I am leaving home again, this time to Disneyland. A quick little play date with my nieces and nephew. I have heard Disney at Halloween is spectacular so I cant wait.

After I get back I have a few days of a stay-cation in which I plan to get lots of artwork done. I just got a new rectifier that has 3 power outputs. That means I can electroform more things at one time. I plan on making a lot of new pieces for the holiday season. I have lots of new shells from Maui and seed pods and other fun stuff just waiting to be covered in copper.