Better Late Than Never

This post is a bit late because a lot has been going on in my life. Unfortunately I had to leave Iceland and the artist residency a couple of weeks early. Sadly there was a tragic family emergency and it was very important for me to come back home.

I really had an amazing time in Iceland and hope to go back some day. Although my time there was shorter than planned I did get a lot done. I finished several large weaving projects and completed 6 smaller encaustics.

Life has been chaotic and difficult lately and I haven’t really had time to reflect on my adventure. I just wanted to get something posted because I know there are a lot of people wondering about the trip and residency. Hopefully soon I will be able to write a fabulous post filled with all the wonderful tales of my Icelandic journey.

For now here is a link to my pictures:

Now that I am back home things are picking up for the holiday season. I have lots of new jewelry and artwork at several galleries and stores. Here is a quick list of where you can find my work right now.

Hark the Holiday Art Show
December 2nd - January 6th
KALEID Gallery
88 South 4th Street (at San Fernando)
Downtown San Jose
Here I have a wall with my artwork and I will be showing my upcycled bullet shell jewelry for the holiday show

Kanji Garden
October 30th December 30th
Vacant Storefront Exhibit
95 South Market St.
San Jose, CA
Kanji Garden is a site specific installation made up of hundreds of hand
dyed and folded books that were destined for the landfill.

December 10th - January 16th
Modern Eden Gallery
403 Francisco st.
San Francisco, CA
I have one mixed media encaustic piece in the Woodland group show. Modern Eden also carries my bullet and copper jewelry.

The Usuals San Jose
1020 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126
The Usuals carries my upcycled bullet jewelry.

I hope to get back to my regular posting soon. There is still a lot going on personally that may keep me from my usual routines but I do have lots of great things coming up in the New Year.

Happy Holidays