Birthday Week

I am officially declaring that my Birthday week has begun. What is a Birthday week you ask? Well, it's a family tradition. Instead of having 1 sad short day for your birthday you get a whole week. There is only one rule for Birthday week, your Birthday must fall somewhere within the week, beginning, middle or end. I usually like to go for middle so I get a little before and after my actual Birthday. So, during Birthday week you get what ever you want for dinner, you can have cake every night, you can declare anything at any time and anyone in your direct household must abide. You do not have to follow any rules, you can get presents whenever you want them and or you can go out and buy yourself presents. Everyone has to be nice to you no matter what and you always get your way. I am sure there is a lot more but you get the idea. So Happy Birthday week to me. Feel free to start sending presents.