Art Supply Swap Meet

I am participating in the KALEID Gallery Art Supply Swap Meet. I recently did some cleaning, purging and rearranging of my studio and have lots of extra supplies. Things like, paint, frames, collage material, glass bean making supplies, an old Photo enlarger for a dark room and lots of other fun stuff. If you are interested in getting some new supplies at a discounted price you should stop by. Or if you have a bunch of art and or craft supplies you want to get rid of you should sign up to sell.

Saturday February 27th 1:00pm-5:00pm KALEID Gallery 88 South 4th Street San Jose, CA 95112

Free and open to the public.


A Monk Named Jimmy

Here is the story behind my piece of artwork “Making Obstacles into Opportunities” At times I dabble in jewelry making, it fulfills a more crafty, fun side of creativity for me. I haven't been making much jewelry lately, it has been on the back burner as I am concentrating more on my encaustic and book art work. Several years ago I started making jewelry out of old spent bullet shells. I would take semi-precious gemstones, feathers, bones and other natural and beautiful objects and insert them into the casing. Something about the juxtaposition of an object that causes destruction paired with something that is natural and beautiful. They were very popular for a while and I had them displayed at many places. One of these venues was KALEID Gallery in San Jose.

One day I received a message from the gallery that there was a monk named Jimmy who came in and really loved my amethyst bullet necklace. Jimmy didn’t have any money and wanted to know if I was open to any kind of trade for the necklace. So I went to KALEID to meet and talk to him. He wore the saffron robes of a Buddhist monk and had a large staff/walking stick that was filled with talismans that had been tied to embedded into the staff.  They each represented something important to him and he wanted to add the amethyst bullet necklace to it.  The meaning of it was important to him and resonated with his beliefs. He was a very kind and sweet person and as I talked to him I learned that he had had a very difficult life full of pain and addiction. He didn't really have anything to trade, he had barely enough money to live off of and that was in halfway houses but I could tell he really, really liked the necklace. So I asked him to write for me, write about anything he wanted, his life, dreams, experiences, etc. knowing that it would be interesting and that one day I might use those writings in my artwork.  So we traded, one amethyst bullet necklace for 3 written pages.

The writings were about his life and journey they were wonderful and sad and hopeful. As a child of parents who had many addiction issues I know all about the recovery process and how the disease can devastate. Jimmy and his writings really resonated and touched a sensitive spot in me. I saw him a few more times at the gallery but then he disappeared and I haven't seen him in many years. When I first received the handwritten pages I didn’t really know how I was going to incorporate them into my artwork so I held onto them. As I was working on my new series “In the End We all Return to the Earth” they seemed to fit perfectly. I used one of the pages as the substrate for the piece, making sure to highlight the ripped out binder paper edges and his childlike handwriting. The sewn sections representing healing and mending and the phrase that is highlighted in the piece and the title of it is “Making Obstacles into Opportunities". It is a common phrase used in recovery. I remember my Step Dad saying that to me when I was younger – we have to be grateful for what we have and learn how to turn our obstacles into opportunities.Making Obstacles into Opportunities

With a little help from our friends

My featured exhibit at KALEID Gallery is officially over. I went and took down the artwork and installation yesterday. It was a bitter sweet experience.  The whole process of and journey of this exhibit has been cathartic and fulfilling. It was a lot of fun and work putting everything together. Although working as an artist can be a solitary experience, at times we do need a little help from our friends. I want to thank Donny & Johnny at KALEID for all of their help with the set up and tear down. Donny did an amazing job helping my vision come to life when we were setting everything up.

Thanks to my friend Dave for the great vinyl lettering and staying with me at the reception until the very, very end, he always comes through for me.  Thanks to Chris for listening to me and talking with me for hours about the exhibit even before there was any real concept in mind. You are always great to bounce ideas off of and I appreciate your honesty. Thanks to April Gee for your beautiful music at the reception. You are so talented and I think your music was a perfect complement to the artwork.  I could not have done any of this without the unwavering support and encouragement from Bobb. Thank you for giving me the time and space to create and for wrangling Miss Bean so I could get work done.

Last but not least I want to thank all if the wonderful people who came out to see the exhibit and installation. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and it really made feel wonderful. I loved hearing the variety of interpretations and thoughts in response to the artwork and installation.

Now the pieces will be scattered to different places, some to new homes with collectors and others to new galleries, the rest will be up at Open Studios. A portion of the tree installation will be installed at JCO’s in Los Gatos and I am working on getting the rest of it up in another location.

A BIG thank you again to everyone.

Exhibition break down


The past few months I have been teaching a variety of art workshops and have really been enjoying myself. I have always wanted to teach but for a variety of reasons never really pursued it. I had done private art lessons, demonstrations, and mentoring but never taught a real class or workshop with multiple students. Well the fates aligned and I met Jeanne of Twin Soul Art Studio, she was looking for new art teachers for her studio and I was ready to take the leap into teaching. I love teaching at her studio, its a beautiful creative space in Los Gatos and she always makes everyone feel welcome and creative.
Now a whole world of teaching has opened up for me and I am often thinking of new workshops or classes that I can offer. I have also started teaching at a few different locations.This allows me to connect with a variety of students.
My next workshop is Photographic Lumen Printing. This is such a cool technique using old black and white photo paper and plants. Part of the fun is that you never know what you are going to get, the results are unpredictable and influenced by the type of plants, weather, brand of photo paper and more. Each student will get to make and take home 5-8 finished pieces.
Photographic Lumen Printing with Shannon Amidon
Saturday August 10th
1:00pm – 2:30pm
$35.00 per person – Materials Included.
KALEID Gallery
88 South Fourth Street, San Jose, CA
To register: come into the gallery or call us at 408-947-1785

Ghostly color prints are made using a method evocative to that of William Henry Fox Talbot, who made camera-less images of botanical specimens in the 1830′s. These distinctive prints are made outdoors using direct sunlight, plant specimens, black and white photographic paper and chemical fixing. Each unique image is a one of a kind print revealing an astonishing array of images from representational to absolute abstractions of color, shape, and form that celebrate beauty and uniqueness of nature.Recommended age 8+


Upcoming Exhibits and Open Studios

May 11th - June 15th

The Language of Flowers

Modern Eden Gallery
403 Francisco Street
San Francisco, CA  94133

I will have one new woven encaustic photograph in this exhibit.
May 18th & 19th
Silicon Valley Open Studios
My Home Studio
492 Arleta Ave
San Jose, CA 95128

As I begin a new creative journey influenced by Motherhood I feel it is time to let some of  my older work find new homes and make space for the pursuit of new creations. So this year I will be having my first ever studio inventory sale!
Select series and pieces will be 25%-50% off. The sale will only be during Open Studios May 18th & 19th. 

I will be exhibiting and selling my alternative process photography, mixed media artwork, prints, cards & more.
Enjoy ambient and down tempo music provided by Mark Camp.

June 7th - July 15th
88 South Fourth Street
San Jose, CA

I will have one new mixed media piece in this exhibit

Exquisite Corpse


Please join me Saturday July 14th 7-10pm for the opening reception of Exquisite Corpse at KALEID Gallery in San Jose.  
Everyone is encouraged to dress up in fun, festive - mix match clothing, Dali-esque!  The reception is free and open to all ages with live music, surrealist games, tasty morsels and other surprises!

Exquisite Corpse is based on the Surrealists’ techniques exploiting the mystique of spontaneity and collaborative creativity through a visual parlor game.
Each participating artist was given a blank piece of paper on which they created one third of a figure (head or torso or legs, assigned at random). KALEID Gallery staff will collect and arrange all 60 of the individual pieces into a fantastic exhibit of unexpected visual mayhem.

I was given the head and I wanted to do something different and have fun with this project. Normally I do not deal with human figures, I prefer to stay in the world of insects and animals.  I found a really creepy cabinet card in an antique store and decided to enlarge it and use it for this project. I cut it up in to lots of little pieces and put it back together. Then I covered with encaustic and oil paint. I am really happy with the way the piece came out.
Block Head
Encaustic and Photography