New Gallery Representation


Ugallery.comI am happy to share that I was invited to join UGalleryan online art gallery of curated original artwork from the world's most talented emerging artists. I was recently featured on their blog introducing their new artists. You can check out that article here

Ugallery’s founder Alex Farkas shares “UGallery is shaking up the art industry. In the past, art was a black box - brick and mortar galleries tended to be intimidating and there was little price transparency. Generally, people who bought art were collectors with deep pockets. We created UGallery to flip the industry on its head and make art accessible to everyone. Our expansive online storefront features professional artists from around the world, offering clients a diverse range of art at accessible prices. Regardless of where a client is located, they can own an original piece by a professional artist.”

Visit my artist page on UGallery to see what works I have for sale. I will be adding more in the coming weeks.Shannon Amidon UGallery Page

Time to unplug (at least for a little while)


In just a couple of days I am off to my biophilia residency in Quebec. I am really excited about it and can’t wait to learn, research and be inspired by all of the activities. I have decided to unplug for the week. Lately I have been feeling very overwhelmed by all of the information coming at me, it’s just too much. This residency is a perfect opportunity to get back to nature and really be present. So no social media, internet, laptop or TV for me. I am making an exception for my Kindle and Ipod. I can’t live without my music and books. Although this is not an art making residency (more for research and learning) I plan on doing a lot of writing and sketching. I will be bringing a small watercolor setup and a cyanotype making kit. Both are pretty small and require minimal setup.

I promise to share all of the details and images with everyone when I get back.

Biophila Logo


Art Supply Swap Meet

I am participating in the KALEID Gallery Art Supply Swap Meet. I recently did some cleaning, purging and rearranging of my studio and have lots of extra supplies. Things like, paint, frames, collage material, glass bean making supplies, an old Photo enlarger for a dark room and lots of other fun stuff. If you are interested in getting some new supplies at a discounted price you should stop by. Or if you have a bunch of art and or craft supplies you want to get rid of you should sign up to sell.

Saturday February 27th 1:00pm-5:00pm KALEID Gallery 88 South 4th Street San Jose, CA 95112

Free and open to the public.


Art Biz Breakthrough

I am a little behind in posting this but I wanted to share my experience with some professional development I recently participated in. I am always trying to improve my art and my art business. The art world is always changing, and I think it’s important to stay innovative and connected with what’s happening. Everything from the latest encaustic techniques, what’s new in art marketing, to time management apps. I recently received a grant and want to put the money back into my art and art business so I decided to attend an art business conference. A couple of weeks ago I went to the Art Biz Breakthrough conference in Golden Colorado put on by Alyson Stanfield. Alyson is an art business coach; I have taken several of her online courses and read her book “I’d Rather Be in the Studio”. There are a lot of business coaches out there, Alyson is one of the most professional and consistent ones I have come across.

Now that I have had some time to really think about and process the experience I am really happy I attended. Overall it was a positive and motivating experience. One of the main things I got out of the conference was meeting and talking with so many other motivated artists. Everyone was there because they want to improve and grow and those are great people to be around. There were artists who were just starting out to super stars who make 6 figures and everything in-between. I really met some fantastic people and felt so supported and encouraged.Art Biz Breakthrough

The conference also reinvigorated me in my art business. Sometimes all the non art making stuff can take a lot of your time and really block you. Newsletters, blogs, inventory, marketing, social media, packing and shipping, photographing artwork, ordering supplies, networking and the list goes on and on. Being at the conference helped me to focus and motivated me to beef up my business practices.

Now that I am back I have ordered new business cards with images of my artwork on them and signed up for and started using a new online artwork inventory system.  I have a lot more on my To Do list but I think that’s a good start.Business Cards

So did I have a breakthrough? Kind of, there were lots of people who had big breakthroughs and epiphanies throughout the conference. I didn’t have anything that major it was more a slow percolating, ahhh, that makes sense experience. Sometimes it was a duh Shannon, you know this so why aren’t you applying it.




Art Supplies

Being a mixed media artist I need and use all kinds of different supplies, not all of them are traditional art supplies either. Some of the places I patron are pretty standard but others are very unique. So I thought it would be fun if I shared some of my favorite supply stores with you. 
The Bone Room
1569 Solano Avenue
Albany, CA 94707
This is an amazing natural history store. They have everything you could ever imagine, bones, fossils, insects, feathers, teeth, books, eggs, taxidermy, meteorites, casts and more. It’s a small store but they have it filled from floor to ceiling. The staff are really wonderful as well. In the past they have sold my copper electroformed jewelry. They have reasonable prices and if you have a business with resale license you can have your resale permit on file so you do not have to pay sales tax.
Dick Blick Art Supply
979 Market Street
San Francisco, CA
One of the best priced traditional art supply stores. I love this place, I get a lot of my encaustic paint and boards here. You usually get a discount for buying in bulk. They often have sales and have almost anything you could want or need
Paxton Gate
824 Valencia Street,
San Francisco, CA 94110
This is another natural history store but with a more decorative higher price point. They sell a variety of unique air, succulent and carnivorous plants. They also have insects, fossils, bones, books, and other oddities.
I think every artist/crafter knows about and shops at Michael’s. They are great for quick trips when you need something standard. They also usually have really good coupons and sales on frames. Recently I got $300 worth of frames for $125 because of coupons and sales.
This is where I get my bulk wax and damar resin for my encaustic making. They have always been easy to deal with and ship quickly. They have the best prices for bulk wax that I have found.
University Art
Store throughout California
This is a local art supply store, they are more fine art than Michaels and are convenient for a variety of supplies. If you have a business with resale license you can have your resale permit on file so you do not have to pay sales tax.
Antique, thrift & flea markets
I also get a variety of items from these places. I try to visit them frequently so I don’t miss anything.
Local Library
I usually get my used books at the local library sales. They usually have them once a month and most of the time you can fill a paper bag for $5.

I found my way back

Well, it’s been a while since I posted anything. I tend to lay low after a big exhibit opening. There is always such a build up to these events, then it happens and afterwards you are not quite sure what to do with yourself.
I have been continuing my creativity coaching training and really enjoying it. I don’t know what I am going to do with it yet. I do like teaching, mentoring and helping others. I think it might be fun to offer a creativity workshop or class series.  I am exploring offering online & email workshops as well as in person ones. The beauty of an online workshop is that you can attend at anytime from anywhere, there is a lot more flexibility. I might even use this blog as a starting place for my creativity tips and articles. 
I have been really wanting to attend another artist residency. Now that I have a child my options are a lot more limited. It is difficult to find places that allow children. A lot of the ones that do having waiting lists and or you have to apply a year or more in advance. It’s difficult to plan that far ahead with a toddler. So for now I have decided to create my own art retreat. In January I am going to go to the Big Island of Hawaii for 3 weeks. I hesitate to call if a vacation because I plan on working while I am there. I am so excited about just getting away and creating. No TV, housework, obligations, etc. I will be bringing my daughter so I am sure there is going to be an adjustment period but I will just have to roll with it.
Here is a book art piece that I recently created. It is currently for sale at Gallery 85 in San Jose. Often I try not to use a specific book when I create, I just let the form, size, color, etc. guide me rather than the subject. In this case I did draw inspiration from the book content, Dante's Inferno. As you can see the book has been burned and chard butterflies are emerging from the burnt section. The title of the piece refers the section that the book is opened to which refers to Myrrha the mother of Adonis. Libythea Myrrha is also a species of butterfly.

Libythea Myrrha
Vintage Book and Encaustic Wax

Art Travel

In a few weeks I will be flying across the country to Hamilton Ontario Canada. Hamilton is about an hour away from Toronto and Niagara Falls. It is a port city on the west end of Lake Ontario. I will be spending several days in the area exploring the local art scene and other attractions. The Royal Botanical Gardens look fantastic and they currently have an Ephemeral Earth Art exhibit that looks very interesting.

The main reason for my visit is to attend my opening reception at the Nathaniel Hughson Art Gallery on August 8th.  I am very excited to be exhibiting my Selcouth series and have created several brand new pieces specifically for this show. The reception is the same day as the James St North art crawl where over 20 galleries and art spaces host their opening receptions.  

If you are in the area stop by and say hi. I would love the opportunity to meet and talk to you. I am really looking forward to getting to know the art community in Hamilton and learning more about the city. I was able to connect with several of the area artists online and they were so friendly and helpful.

Silicon Valley Open Studios

Silicon Valley Open Studios is one of my favorite events and I would love for you to join me this year. In addition to hanging out with me and getting a behind the scenes look at my work space here are a few other reasons to stop by.
  1. Try your hand out at painting with hot wax! Create and take home your own mini piece of encaustic artwork with my complimentary encaustic art making station.
  2. Win a piece of original artwork. For the third year I will be having an artwork raffle.
  3. Enjoy art and music in a fun and comfortable environment. I will have lots of new work on display as well as cards, prints, gifts and more. There will also be live music by Mark Camp, snacks, iced tea, and a beautiful garden to enjoy.

Saturday May 17th and Sunday May 18th
11:00am – 5:00pm
Amidon Art Studio
492 Arleta Ave
San Jose, CA 95128

Heroes and Hearts

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the Heroes and Hearts luncheon for the SF General Hospital Foundation. It was a fantastic event that I really enjoyed. The luncheon was on the field of AT&T Park in a big tent. Along the pathway to the tent were several large hearts. I’m not really a sports fan but even I could not resist getting my picture taken on the home plate (see below). The tent was huge and decorated beautifully with large chandeliers and fun table settings; including heart shaped bread.

We made our way in through the crowds of people (about 800) and found our table. We were seated with the other heart artists. There were 8 large and 3 small hearts so a total of 11 artists. I sat next to Michael Osborne who has created about 8 hearts over the years. He was telling me that he was on the choosing committee the very first year ten years ago. A very friendly and interesting man that I enjoyed talking to. After we got settled we ventured out to try and find my heart. I saw it in the front by the stage. It was just left of the stage under the big projection screen. It looked great up there. When I walked up to it I was very happy to see that it had been purchased by Genentech. I posed for several pictures with it for myself and for some of the other patrons.

This was a very nice and impressive event. The current SF Mayor Ed Lee as well as former Mayor Willie Brown were there. The chiefs of the police and fire department were in attendance as well as lots of other important people. The program was very inspiring honoring three very deserving people for their contributions to the SF General Hospital and community. During a break in program we were entertained by one of the performers from Beach Blanket Babylon.

I am so grateful and honored to be able to participate in this event and create a large heart. My wheels are already turning thinking about ideas for proposals for next year.