New, different and a bit daunting

Creating new artwork is always a little scary. So many things go through your head. Will this series be any good, will people like it, will they like my old work better, is it recognizable as my style, does it mean anything? It’s no wonder so many artists get blocked. I am starting to create a new body of work for an upcoming exhibit in April. Its new, different and a bit daunting to work on. It’s very personal work influenced by the past few years of my life.

In addition to the personal influence and inspiration of the work the medium is going to be different than my typical as well. My past work has mainly been photo based; woven, painted, transferred or other techniques. Photography has always been the focal point with other media complementing it. The past few years though, I have been working more and more with encaustic and book arts. Working with wax and paper feels very natural and fulfilling. I have become very fond of creating and experimenting in sculptured, layered and textured work.Photography will always be my first love but I feel that it is receding into the background a bit. Instead of being the main element it may just be an addition complimenting the main mixed media work or not included at all.

So, new very personal work that's not photo based, needless to say I feel very vulnerable about creating and exhibiting it. I am enjoying the process though, it’s not all fear and panic. I love being an artist and being able to create and express myself through art, it can be a very cathartic process.

Below is a sneak peek at a work in progress.

Upcoming Workshops

Saturday, June 22, 2013
9:45-11:45am (2 hour workshop)
Cost: $85 per person (includes materials)
Twin Soul Art Studio, Los Gatos, CA
Ages: 13 to adult
Take your photos to new level by learning to combine the ancient art of encaustics with modern photography and printing techniques. This workshop will cover paper use and selection, mounting techniques and materials, encaustic pouring, painting and photocopy transfer techniques. Proper tools and safety procedures will be discussed. Great for photographers who want to add another option for their clients or anyone who wants to giv their photos an artistic painterly touch. All materials included and all levels welcome. Students will go home with 2-3 finished pieces and a goodie bag. Class limited to 5 participants.
To register please call Twin Soul Art Studio at:
408-410-8143 or email
Saturday, July 20, 2013
2:00-5:00pm (3 hour workshop)
Cost: $145 per person (includes materials)
Twin Soul Art Studio, Los Gatos, CA
Ages: 13 to adult
Encaustic is the art of painting with hot bees wax. This hands-on workshop is a great introduction to encaustic painting. Learn the basic techniques of encaustic painting including the history of the media, materials/safety concerns, heating tools and fusing techniques, layering, masking, stenciling and other techniques to create beautiful works of art. Instructor will provide all materials and students will go home with a sample technique board, resource list, instructional handouts and product samples. Class is limited to 5 students.
To register please call Twin Soul Art Studio at:
408-410-8143 or email
Saturday, July 27, 2013
2:30-4:00pm (1.5 hour class)
Cost: $45 (includes materials)
Twin Soul Art Studio, Los Gatos, CA
Ages: 8 to adult

In this class students will learn image transfer techniques for paper arts, collage, fiber arts, and more. Explore transfer options such as Xerox Transfers, Packing Tape Transfers, Inkjet Image Transfers and more using inexpensive materials. Students will go home with a variety of samples made in class.
To register please call Twin Soul Art Studio at:
408-410-8143 or email

Exquisite Corpse


Please join me Saturday July 14th 7-10pm for the opening reception of Exquisite Corpse at KALEID Gallery in San Jose.  
Everyone is encouraged to dress up in fun, festive - mix match clothing, Dali-esque!  The reception is free and open to all ages with live music, surrealist games, tasty morsels and other surprises!

Exquisite Corpse is based on the Surrealists’ techniques exploiting the mystique of spontaneity and collaborative creativity through a visual parlor game.
Each participating artist was given a blank piece of paper on which they created one third of a figure (head or torso or legs, assigned at random). KALEID Gallery staff will collect and arrange all 60 of the individual pieces into a fantastic exhibit of unexpected visual mayhem.

I was given the head and I wanted to do something different and have fun with this project. Normally I do not deal with human figures, I prefer to stay in the world of insects and animals.  I found a really creepy cabinet card in an antique store and decided to enlarge it and use it for this project. I cut it up in to lots of little pieces and put it back together. Then I covered with encaustic and oil paint. I am really happy with the way the piece came out.
Block Head
Encaustic and Photography

Open Studios

Silicon Valley Open Studios
Saturday May 12th & Sunday May 13th
11:00am – 5:00pm
Shannon's Art Studio
492 Arleta Ave
San Jose, CA 95128

This will be my 8th year participating in Open Studios. I will be featuring work from my new series "Selcouth" including never before seen pieces.

Alternative Process Photography, Mixed Media Book Art, Prints, Cards, and More.

Featuring ambient and down tempo music by Mark Camp

Selcouth - Solo Artist Exhibit


I am very excited to invite you all to my new solo exhibit Selcouth

Opening Reception  - This Friday April 6th 7pm-10pm
Exhibit Runs April 6th – 28th
Kaleid Gallery
88 S 4th St
San JoseCA 95113
I will be exhibiting a whole new body of work entitled Selcouth. Each photograph is hand woven and layered with encaustic and oil paint.
I'm a collector of the odd and beautiful, the repulsive, rare and mysterious. Objects that occupy the space between familiar and bizarre. This series comes from place of discovery and wonder where insects, art, specimens and other objects can come together and tell a story. By interlacing art, science, and culture I explore the connection between man-made and natural objects; evoking a sense of nostalgia for the classic age of exploration and discovery.

3rd Place

I am so excited and honored to announce that my photograph (see the post below) was awarded 3rd place in the Triton Museum Statewide Photography Exhibit & Competition. According to the museum there were nearly 700 entries and there was only 75 pieces chosen for the actual exhibit. Out of those 75 they awarded 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place prizes and a few honorable mentions.

I was just happy to be a part of the exhibit, you can imagine what a wonderful surprise it was to attend the reception and see the plaque next to my image with the announcement.

Triton Museum of Art Exhibit


Recently one of my photographs was chosen to be in the Triton Museum of Art Statewide Photography Competition & Exhibition. I am very honored and excited to be part of the exhibit. The juror was Brian Taylor a wonderful photographer who I really admire and look up to. The show opens Friday the 24th with reception from 7pm - 9pm. The piece that was accepted is one of my new hand woven pieces. It is a 20x20 hand woven photograph layered with encaustic wax and oil paint. It is a green lady-slipper orchid.

Here is a link for more info about the exhibit.

Iceland or Bust

I can’t believe that it in 3 weeks I will be in Iceland. Time just slips by so quickly. A lot of people have been asking about the residency and what I plan to do during my time there. So I thought I would share some of my plans and info about this adventure.

From the West coast it will take about 9 hours to get to Iceland with a 2 hour layover, they are also 8 hours ahead of PST so I will arrive at 6:45 AM - yuck. I am going over early so I can spend a few days doing the tourist thing in Reykjavik.

From Reykjavik I fly to Akureyri the second largest city in Iceland that is about 45 min away from Siglufjördur the northern most town in Iceland and home of the Herhús residency. I will be at the residency from Nov 2nd – 27th. Here is a little blurb from the residency website.

Herhús in Siglufjördur is a newly renovated artist-in-residence home and workshop located in the centre of town next to all service. The house, commonly referred to as Herhúsid (the Armyhouse) , belonged to the Salvation Army and many of the inhabitants in Siglufjordur cherish joyful memories from the meetings held there in the old days.

While there plan on focusing my energies on three main areas:

1) Photo weaving project: I will be brining lots of large scale 20x20 photos with me and hand weaving them while there. I will have all my supplies, X-ACTO knives, cutting mat, straight edge, ect to assist me with this project. I will also be creating some smaller pieces 8X8, 10X10. Since I don’t know if there are any printing facilities in town, I am planning on brining all of my prints with me. If I am lucky there will be somewhere I can get prints made of the photos I take while in Iceland.

2) An encaustic a day: I would like to make a small photo encaustic piece each day. This will allow me to practice my encaustic painting and have lots of new little 6x6 pieces for the holidays. I am in the process of making lots of encaustic medium to bring with me along with my hot plate and other tools.

3) Business Stuff: This is not always the fun stuff to work on but I will have time and it needs to be done. I would really like to put some proposal together for new exhibits, grants, and other art related stuff. I also just got a new artist business software GYST (short for Getting Your Sh*t Together) and plan on getting everything entered into that.

So there you have it, a brief overview of my plans. Sometimes it seems like a lot but it’s all I will be doing 24/7 for a month so I think it is doable. I do plan on taking some photo excursion and exploring my surroundings. I really hope to see the Northern Lights and interact with some of the locals.

In search of the Northern Lights

Happy Summer ! I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather and longer days. This year has been so amazing for me, and it keeps getting better.

I am very excited to share that I have been invited to another artist residency. This November I will be heading out to Herhúsid Artist Residency in Siglufjördur Iceland, for a month. I know this residency will present unique physical and mental challenges with the average temperature in Nov at 30⁰F and only 4-6 hours of sunlight. But, I am really looking forward to experiencing the Northern Lights and the unique landscape of glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, geothermal springs, rolling pastures and much more.
My Silicon Valley Arts Council Fellowship Grant will assist me with airfare, food and art supplies. I have a couple of projects in mind to work on during my stay including continuing work on my hand hand woven photographs that I began in Costa Rica.
In addition to that wonderful news I also have two solo exhibits, one group exhibit and several art festival/fairs coming up.

I am excited to invite you to the following events:

Solo Exhibitions:
Solo Exhibition - Efflorescence Series
September 1st - October 30th
Saratoga Library
13650 Saratoga Avenue
Saratoga, CA
I will exhibiting select pieces from my Efflorescence Series
Solo Exhibition - Wax Libris
September 1st - October 30th
Cafe Trieste
315 S 1st St
San Jose, CA
I will be exhibiting all new encaustic book art pieces

Group Exhibition:

Memento Mori
Opening Reception on August 20th, 2011
Modern Eden Gallery
403 Francisco st.
San Francisco, CA
I will have one new encaustic piece in this show. Modern Eden also carries my upcycled bullet jewelry

Art Fairs & Festivals:

STREET MRKT - First Fridays Art Walk
Friday August 5th
7:00pm – 10:00pm
SoFA District (So. First Street between San Carlos and E. Reed streets)
I will have a booth and be selling my artwork and jewelry

STREET MRKT - First Fridays Art Walk
Friday September 2nd
7:00pm – 10:00pm
First Fridays Art Walk
SoFA District (So. First Street between San Carlos and E. Reed streets)
I will have a booth and be selling my artwork and jewelry

Saturday & Sunday September 17th & 18th
San Pedro Square Market
I will have a booth and be selling my jewelry

4th Annual Luna Park Chalk Art Festival
Saturday September 24th
10:00am – 4pm
Backesto Park, San Jose, CA

Come and enjoy some amazing chalk artists, Aztec dancers and lots of arts and crafts. Proceeds benefit arts education in local schools
I will have a booth and be selling my artwork and jewelry

Reason # 3 - Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd:


Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd:
Help defeat the big box mentality! A lot of people only buy posters of famous artists or assembly line artwork that everyone else has from department stores. Purchasing original artwork from a contemporary artist or crafts person sets you apart and shows that you have the confidence to know what you like. It’s a wonderful feeling to connect and grow with a piece of original artwork that nobody else has.

Silicon Valley Open Studios
Saturday May 21st & Sunday May 22nd
11:00am - 12:00pm

Shannon's Art Studio
492 Arleta Ave
San Jose, CA 95128!/event.php?eid=189108237801920