This and That – A week in the life of…..

In an effort to blog more regularly and to share a little more with you, I have decided to start a weekly blog with an overview of what I have been up to the past week. Its part journal part resource and I promise to try and keep it concise and hopefully fun. I got this idea from an artist friend Frances Marin. She started it a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was brilliant. I love reading about her adventures and new things she is trying. Hopefully she doesn’t mind me borrowing her idea.

Doing: This past week was a busy art event week for me. One of my favorite events was showing my artwork with Frances Marin at the Glass House in San Jose. We were invited by Freya Seeburger a wonderful musician and arts supporter. The event was a combination of music and art to help support Downtown Streets Team, a group that helps homeless men and women find employment and housing. glasshouse

Listening to: I got the new The Vaccines and Jamie XX albums. I really enjoyed the last Vaccines album and absolutely love the XX. I usually have to listen to an album several times before I decide if I like it or not. I will let you know what the verdict is in a couple weeks.


Reading: A book that I recently finished and fell in love with is The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert (note, I haven’t read her previous book Eat, Pray, Love). I am terrible about giving reviews, words escape me and I just know what I felt reading it, plus I’m an artist not a writer. Here is a bit from a review on Amazon that I though was good. The book is sooo much more than this though, for me it is one of those books that will stay with me for a long time.

Set in the 18th -19th century, the story revolves around Alma, the daughter of the very wealthy Henry Whittaker. From her father, Alma has inherited a penchant for plants. She spends most of her waking hours trying to make sense of the botanical world around her, perhaps in an attempt to understand her own existence. But through the course of her life, she is made to realize how little she knows about her own world, her own self.

The story has been skillfully woven into a rich tapestry of adventure, emotions and science. Something also needs to be said about the amount of research that must have gone in; the book is peppered with facts that have been laid out in a manner almost poetic.

"Alma learned to tell time by the opening and closing of flowers. At five o'clock in the morning, she noticed, the goatsbeard petals always unfolded. At six o'clock, the daisies and globeflowers opened. When the clock struck seven, the dandelions would bloom. At eight o'clock, it was the scarlet pimpernel's turn...."


Traveling: The past weekend we took a quick road trip (4 hour drive) down to Solvang, a cute little Dutch town in Southern Ca. We were visiting old friends and had a great time. Be warned it is a very touristy town. You can’t walk 5 feet without running into someone trying to take a picture of something. We enjoyed strolling down the little streets and popping into the little shops. Lots of yummy food and pastries too.

On the way home we decided to stop by some antique shops, looking for art supplies of course. Next to one of the shops I discovered a really cool little working studio/gallery Rainbow Hut Studios. It was home to 5 women artists and was really great. I picked up a little treasure (see pic) by artist Peg Grady who also happened to be working in her studio when we were there. She was great to talk to and I always love meeting new artists.

art solvang

Eating/Drinking: I tried Kombucha for the first time and it wasn’t as awful as I expected. It is pretty bubbly with the fermentation and all. Not sure if I could drink it every day but occasionally would be good. I have been eating everything which isn’t so good. Sugar has a strong hold on me. Working on fixing that.

no sugar

Hope you enjoyed that, more to come next week.