Macro Bees

Its been more challenging than I anticipated to keep this daily blog up. Our days have been long and full. On Monday morning we visited a biodynamic beekeeper. It was a very interesting and enlightening way to keep bees. It really opened my eyes to a different way of beekeeping that isn’t the traditional model. Ferme et Foret does ecological farming and foraging that focus mainly on maple syrup, berries, mushrooms and other farm products. The beekeeping is a passion and more of a hobby for the farm owner. She keeps her bees as she does her farm partnering with nature and the bees.

During the afternoon we got a great crash course in macro photography to help us photograph insects better. It was great because the photography teacher demonstrated how to take images using everything from a simple cell phones to a high end professional cameras.

Only a few days left on this adventure. Then I will need to time process and absorb everythign I have learned. I hope you are enjoying following along with me, I would like my writting to be better and longer but progress not perfection has been my motto.