Creating an inspiration book

As an artist I often get inspired by a variety of things I see in books, magazines, galleries, museums, gardens, etc. If possible I try to take a snapshot, rip out a magazine page or keep some kind of memento of that inspiration. Many years ago this led me to creating an inspiration book. This is not a sketchbook or anything like that. Simply a place to collect and look at images and words that inspire and stir something in me. This is a place I can refer to for get ideas, motivation or just enjoy the beautiful imagery. There are several benefits to creating this type of book.
  • Appreciating someone else’s work can motivate you to take your work to the next higher level.
  • Creating & filling your book is a great way to relax and express your own creativity.
  • Looking at your favorite images or creations usually inspires you to get creative as well – sometimes a small detail might trigger a ground breaking idea.
  • Its a great way to organize all those bits and pieces you collect into one place.
A lot of people now use Pinterest for inspiration boards including me. There is just something really nice about having a tangible book to hold and turn the pages, something meditative that slows you down and makes you think.
For my book I just bought a large spiral bound sketch book. I went through and painted all of the pages with different colors to give the backgrounds a pop. I then glue or tape images into the book, I also write words, phrases or quotes that inspire me.
Here are some things you can fill your book with.
  • Images from magazine, catalogs or other print collateral
  • Art exhibit postcards
  • Lyrics from your favorite songs
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Material from artists you admire and look up to
  • Images of your role models
  • Textures and patterns that you want to use, and subjects you want to explore
  • How to articles for techniques you like.
  • Special cards or notes from people you care about.
Below are some images of my inspiration book.

Front Cover                                                                    A note from a student




Words, happy thoughts

Painted Pages