Creativity and Motherhood


In July 2012 I wrote a post about creativity and pregnancy, this post is kind of a follow up to that one. In that post I wrote about my fears of loosing or giving up my creativity and passion with Motherhood.  I always heard how having a child changes your life and how amazing it is, but also about the flip side. Many talking about sacrifice and giving up what you love because of or for the child. That just didn't make sense to me, why can’t there be a balance? I want to raise my daughter to find and follow her passion and what better way than to lead by example. I want to share my creativity with her and help her find what she is passionate about.

I know it may not be easy. I am going to have to find new ways to do things and use my time even more efficiently.  I think constraints actually push us to be more creative. It’s not going to be a selfish endeavor either, obviously she always comes first. I just don’t want to lose that part of myself, and even if I’m exhausted I’m going to work in the studio even if it’s just for 15 min.

So far I am happy to report that I am more motivated and inspired than ever. I am fortunate enough to have a very happy baby who doesn't mind hanging out in the studio with me. I am excited to see how my work might change; my daughter has filled me with a sense of wonder and limitless possibilities. I am excited about the future.

In the studio with baby