Day 1 and 2


Day 1
After traveling for 16 hours by car, plane, and taxi I made it into Costa Rica at 8:45pm. When I stepped off of the plane, the sweet, tropical, humid air hit me. It reminds me of a combination of Maui and Peru. It was a whirlwind getting to the artist colony but alas I did. The accommodations are simple and rustic but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Although exhausted from traveling I was not sleepy at all, so I took the time to unpack everything and get settled in. It is very hot and humid so the windows are kept open for the cooling breeze. It rained all night and the sounds of the rainforest are incredibly loud, the animals and birds seem to be more active at night.

Day 2
The owner and caretaker Francisco is extremely kind and helpful. After eating breakfast in his home with some of the other artists we took a trip to the grocery store. It is pretty comparable to US stores in terms of selection. After I returned I set up my art studio in a little room in the back of the apartment.

I am still settling in, trying to adjust to the temperature, time change and new environment. It’s a pretty quite and secluded here and things are a lot slower. I know that is exactly what I need but it is an adjustment from my busy and eventful life at home. It can be difficult to just jump in and start creating. I spent the day setting things up, exploring the grounds, and reading some books on creating altered book art.
During my afternoon walk I discovered a grove of banana tress with lots of dried, dead laves hanging from them. The leaves are nice and big so I cut a few down and plan to use them in some of my work. They make great paper or surface to create on.

Oh and yes there are lots of bugs and a gecko that lives on the stove. I can deal with the bugs but the lizard is freaking me out.

My view