Dusting this blog off

Its been several months since I last posted anything on here. To be honest I was hibernating in the cold Portland winter and when Spring came I was so overwhelmed with the beauty that I just immersed myself in it. As the days started to warm I was able to get out into my studio and really get the ball rolling with my art making. My mind was on creating, not composing blog posts. But I am at a point now where I would love to share the projects that I am working on and adventures I am going on.

Very soon I will be leaving for an artist residency in Quebec Canada. I will be returning to The Ayatana Artists' Research Program. I am thrilled to be coming back for my third year and again as an expedition leader. I am excited to be working with the experts and scientists and deepen my knowledge of insects and entomology.

My plan is to try and write a short blog entry each day to share my experience, I hope you follow along and let me know what you think.

swarm 19.jpg