Heroes and Hearts

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the Heroes and Hearts luncheon for the SF General Hospital Foundation. It was a fantastic event that I really enjoyed. The luncheon was on the field of AT&T Park in a big tent. Along the pathway to the tent were several large hearts. Iā€™m not really a sports fan but even I could not resist getting my picture taken on the home plate (see below). The tent was huge and decorated beautifully with large chandeliers and fun table settings; including heart shaped bread.

We made our way in through the crowds of people (about 800) and found our table. We were seated with the other heart artists. There were 8 large and 3 small hearts so a total of 11 artists. I sat next to Michael Osborne who has created about 8 hearts over the years. He was telling me that he was on the choosing committee the very first year ten years ago. A very friendly and interesting man that I enjoyed talking to. After we got settled we ventured out to try and find my heart. I saw it in the front by the stage. It was just left of the stage under the big projection screen. It looked great up there. When I walked up to it I was very happy to see that it had been purchased by Genentech. I posed for several pictures with it for myself and for some of the other patrons.

This was a very nice and impressive event. The current SF Mayor Ed Lee as well as former Mayor Willie Brown were there. The chiefs of the police and fire department were in attendance as well as lots of other important people. The program was very inspiring honoring three very deserving people for their contributions to the SF General Hospital and community. During a break in program we were entertained by one of the performers from Beach Blanket Babylon.

I am so grateful and honored to be able to participate in this event and create a large heart. My wheels are already turning thinking about ideas for proposals for next year.