Iceland or Bust

I can’t believe that it in 3 weeks I will be in Iceland. Time just slips by so quickly. A lot of people have been asking about the residency and what I plan to do during my time there. So I thought I would share some of my plans and info about this adventure.

From the West coast it will take about 9 hours to get to Iceland with a 2 hour layover, they are also 8 hours ahead of PST so I will arrive at 6:45 AM - yuck. I am going over early so I can spend a few days doing the tourist thing in Reykjavik.

From Reykjavik I fly to Akureyri the second largest city in Iceland that is about 45 min away from Siglufjördur the northern most town in Iceland and home of the Herhús residency. I will be at the residency from Nov 2nd – 27th. Here is a little blurb from the residency website.

Herhús in Siglufjördur is a newly renovated artist-in-residence home and workshop located in the centre of town next to all service. The house, commonly referred to as Herhúsid (the Armyhouse) , belonged to the Salvation Army and many of the inhabitants in Siglufjordur cherish joyful memories from the meetings held there in the old days.

While there plan on focusing my energies on three main areas:

1) Photo weaving project: I will be brining lots of large scale 20x20 photos with me and hand weaving them while there. I will have all my supplies, X-ACTO knives, cutting mat, straight edge, ect to assist me with this project. I will also be creating some smaller pieces 8X8, 10X10. Since I don’t know if there are any printing facilities in town, I am planning on brining all of my prints with me. If I am lucky there will be somewhere I can get prints made of the photos I take while in Iceland.

2) An encaustic a day: I would like to make a small photo encaustic piece each day. This will allow me to practice my encaustic painting and have lots of new little 6x6 pieces for the holidays. I am in the process of making lots of encaustic medium to bring with me along with my hot plate and other tools.

3) Business Stuff: This is not always the fun stuff to work on but I will have time and it needs to be done. I would really like to put some proposal together for new exhibits, grants, and other art related stuff. I also just got a new artist business software GYST (short for Getting Your Sh*t Together) and plan on getting everything entered into that.

So there you have it, a brief overview of my plans. Sometimes it seems like a lot but it’s all I will be doing 24/7 for a month so I think it is doable. I do plan on taking some photo excursion and exploring my surroundings. I really hope to see the Northern Lights and interact with some of the locals.