The evening of the opening reception of my current featured art exhibit at KALEID Gallery was amazing. Lots of great people to share my art with. One of those people was a reporter from the Spartan Daily. Towards the end of the evening when everything was starting to wind down writer Anastasiya Rakova came by the gallery and asked me some questions about the exhibit. Here is an excerpt from the article, you can read the full article here. KALEID, Shannon Amidon poses by her installation -  an ethereal tree of real tree branches from which hang delicate leaves, cut out from old book pages and tied by golden string.

Hanging from the ceiling they produce an effect that Amidon hoped to convey to the audience -  peacefulness, rebirth, and, most importantly, healing.

"The tree represents the family tree, the cycle of life and passing of time," Amidon says. "(It's about) the duality of life and death."...More

Shannon Amidon