Jet Setting

So just about two weeks after I get home from Peru I am off to Maui for 7 days. An opportunity came up that I just couldn't pass up, so I grabbed it. I have never been to Maui or any of the Hawaiian Islands so I am very excited. I anticipate it will be a very relaxing slow paced trip. Which is ok because Peru was a very physical wake up early every morning adventure. I have lots of books, magazine, and art supplies to feed my brain and keep me busy. I will be staying in a condo on the beach so I have more freedom than with a hotel room.
I am going to attempt to work on some Lumen prints if I can get the photo paper through the airport x-ray machines safely. I think the flora and humidity of Maui would work perfectly for the process. Of course this put me off track a little bit in my preparation for Open Studio's. I will just have to work my butt off when I get home getting everything together and set up.

View from condo