Maui Vacation Part 1 - Parasailing

On our third day in Maui we decided to drive over to Lahina. A trendy touristy area with lots of shops, restaurants and art galleries. We had a lot of fun but it was very hot. Around 11:30am we decided to go parasailing, well, the only open spot was at 3:30 so we had 4 hours to kill. After eating and walking and walking and looking at art we were tired and worn out. Finally it came time to do our parasailing. We got to the boat slip, lathered up with sun block and got onto a little boat, that then brought us to another boat. The waters were a bit choppy and did not make us feel very good. There were 6 people all together on the boat and we had our turn last. They harness you up and then you get launched from the back of the boat. It was a beautiful view, peaceful and quite up at 800ft in the sky. The ride lasted about 15 min, then they started pulling us back. We also got a nice wet, cool, dunk in the ocean where Bobb forgot to close his mouth. I closed my mouth, eyes, and everything. Here are some of the pictures.

-Taking Off-

-Up, up and away-

-About 600ft up- -800Ft up, what a view-
-Being dipped in the ocean-