Maui Vacation Part 2 - Zipline

So finally after a month an a half I am able to share our zipline adventure. It was an incredible and exhilarating experience. It began with an hour and a half drive winding through sugarcane and lavender fields bringing us to Haleakala national park. It was a high peak near the center of the island that gave us beautiful views. The company that provided the zipline adventure was Skyline Eco-Adventures. One thing that we really appreciated about the tour was that it was an eco tour company and a portion of our payment went to conservation programs on the island.

After we checked in we received a brief lesson from our guides, and then were fitted with our fabulous harness and helmet (see pic below). We hiked through the eucalyptus forest to our first zipline and was told don’t run or jump or anything just walk off the edge of the ramp. This was a little strange feeling, but it worked. Soon we were zipping over huge valleys hurtling toward the ramp and guide and on the other side hoping we come in face first. This is done by trying to steer with one hand with the knowledge that which ever way you turn your hand your body goes the opposite way. This is a lot harder than you think. If you are not facing forward you kind of slam into the ramp and have to be pulled and guided to the top of it. We did this 3 more times, each line getting longer and ride getting faster. Then it was time for the big one, an 800ft line with speeds of up to 45mph. Man alive was that scary and awesome at the same time. We are really glad that we experienced ziplining, it was a wonderful adventure.

This video is 2:32 in length and edits together each of our zips. The last and scariest zip is at the end. First you will see it from Bobbs perspective, then you will see me flying down the line.