Miles of Insects

I love slowly waking up with the sun and sound of birds each morning. It’s an early wake up but it gives me time to think and reflect on the previous day’s activities and prepare for the upcoming adventure. Yesterday we spent the day searching for insects in Gatineau Park . We began the day with a tree naturalist learning about insect tree relationships and the forest tree and plant life. Owen our guide was so knowledgeable and nice. We found a variety of insects and evidence of insects. We were also delicious snacks for the mosquitos and biting flies.

After lunch and a little rest, we went to a meromictic lake to look for dragonflies.  Meromictic, means that its upper and lower layers of water never mix. Normally a lake’s water layers mix completely each year during the spring and fall, because of water density, water and air temperature, and the wind. The mixing of lake waters distributes nutrients and oxygen evenly throughout the lake. In a meromictic lake there is no oxygen in the deepest seven metres of the lake.

During our 3 hours hike we saw lots of dragonflies, damselflies and darners along with a variety of other creatures. There is also a mica mine near the lake and I was able to collect some samples of beautiful mica flakes that I will use in my paintings. Luckily there didn’t seem to be any biting creatures around the lake, so we got a little break from insect bites.

After dinner we set up a moth lure on the deck and waited a while for the moths to arrive. I was dead tired from the long day so I ended up going to bed before I could witness the full effect of the lure. I got a great night sleep so hopefully will be able to enjoy the lure tonight.

Today we will be spending the day at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden where we will work with an entomologist to learn how to identify insects.

Also, here is a link to the photos everyone has been taking. We will be adding more to the albums each day. Swarm 2019 Photos