My New Project – San Jose Creatives

I am starting a new project that I am calling San Jose Creatives. It is a simple idea motivated by two things, the desire to showcase San Jose’s local creative community as well as the need to get it right when it comes to artist interviews.

The first reason is pretty self explanatory. Being a 4th generation San Jose native, this area and its creative community are important to me. We have so much talent here and I want to share that with everyone. I think the creative community needs to stick together and learn from each other. I want to feature a variety of creative talent, artists, designers, musicians, writers, makers, art supporters and anyone who lives a creative life.

The second reason is motivated by more selfish desires, but ones I know I share with other creative’s. This is the desire to be represented correctly in interviews or articles. Often we are misquoted, or our answers are taken out of context. The interviewer makes assumptions about our desires and creations and does not get a clear view of who we are. Other times they just ask bad or tasteless questions. Now, I am not saying all interviews are like this. I have had some really awesome interviews where I felt like the writer really got me and my work, did their homework and were genuinely interested. I do feel these good interviews are not necessarily the norm though.

So for these two reasons I am starting “San Jose Creatives” a blog and FB page that interviews the extremely talented creative community of San Jose. Everyone is asked the same 13 questions to gain insight into and find out what makes these individuals unique. The answers are not edited in any way. What is written by the individual is what I post. I will also include a picture of the person(s) and their work.

I have sent requests to about 20 people so far and already received a number of completed interviews back. What I have read so far has been great, so interesting and inspiring. It’s wonderful how you can always learn a little something about a person even if you thought you knew them already.

I am really excited about this project and have been getting really positive feedback. I plan to launch the first interview the beginning of October and the idea is to feature a new creative every two weeks. So if you are interested in being featured or know someone who might be just send me an email –