My Studio Inpection


Last night the Art Inspector Danielle came over to my studio with her crew, videographer Ryan and photographer Wendy. It was an interesting experience and I really learned a lot.

We started out discussing me and the type of artwork I create. The studio was measured; outlets and light sources were counted. Daniele then tested the electricity usage of the products I use most often with an electricity usage monitor. My heat gun, hot plate to melt wax and Dremel were all tested for about 1 min.

The Dremel and heat gun were not too bad but the hot plate was an energy sucker potentially costing thousands of dollars each year to run. She left me with my own reader so I can measure the output during normal use. Also , I will need to monitor my rectifier which I use for hours at a time for my copper electroforming.

She then tested my studio for air leaks and insulation. Since I was able to pretty much build it from the ground up it was pretty good. I have double paned windows and insulation throughout. The only suggestion was to get weather stripping for the large roll up door.

Next my supplies were tested with a cool voc reader. As I suspected some of my electroforming supplies are pretty toxic. I will have to look into some alternatives if possible.

Overall it was a very informative inspection and visit. I look forward to working with some new materials and monitoring my energy usage with the electricity usage monitor.