Never enough time

Mondays always hurt a little, being snapped back into the real world after a weekend in Shannon Land. This past weekend was particularly inspiring.

It started off with a First Friday Art Walk in downtown San Jose. It was the first one and I hope they keep it up. Seeing new art always motivates and inspires me.

Then Saturday morning I found a Polaroid Land Camera for $3.99 at a thrift store. The reason this camera is special is because it is the only Polaroid camera that can use SX-70 time zero film. After I bought the camera I went to the photo supply store for film and they were selling the same types of cameras for $135-$250. This camera will allow me to experiment with and create Polaroid SX-70 manipulations, a way of manipulating the emulsion in the photograph which creates a very painterly look.

Later that day we went up to Berkeley to the Bone Room, a wonderful natural history store. I found two lovely insects that wanted to come home with me. One is an amazing Harlequin Beatle and the other is a Stag Beatle. As an extension of the Subtle Meditations Series I am creating an Entomology Series. These creatures are so fascinating and jewel like. I hope to capture the insect’s beauty and wonder and dispel people’s first negative reactions to them.

I ended the weekend by watching the documentary “Inspirations”. It is such a wonderful film; I highly recommend it to everyone. It has interviews with David Bowie, Roy Lichtenstein, Dale Chihuly and more. They discuss why they became artists and what it means to create as both a daily routine and a lifelong passion. I really connected with the way Dale Chihuly was talking about how rain and water inspires him and makes him feel creative. I loved the way David Bowie talked about his creative process using an electronic form of cut-ups to write his songs. I can watch this film over and over again, it never gets old. I can always find something that I missed before or something new to connect too.
After all this Monday still came……never enough time…