New Art Studio

We are moving to our first home soon and I will have the opportunity to create my perfect art studio in a detached garage. It’s a blank canvas right now, just 4 framed walls and a roof. I get to decide everything, insulation, lighting, drywall, flooring, I mean everything. As excited I am about it I am also a little nervous, not sure where or how to start. The construction/finishing part of the structure shouldn’t be too bad. It’s the actual art space set up and organization that I am trying to decided on. So far I have some up with these areas.

Small office space/mailing area
Book shelves
Inspiration wall/area
Tool organization section
Paint & art supplies organization
Sink wet area
Gallery/showcase area
Screen & block printing area
Ephemera, paper & fabric area
Completed art storage
Electroforming area
Standing work table

I know that’s a lot but I am sure there are some things I am forgetting. I am going to try and record the process and progress and post it up here. I plan on doing lots of research and looking at other artist studios to give me ideas. I have grabbed a couple of books and magazines to get ideas.