New, different and a bit daunting

Creating new artwork is always a little scary. So many things go through your head. Will this series be any good, will people like it, will they like my old work better, is it recognizable as my style, does it mean anything? It’s no wonder so many artists get blocked. I am starting to create a new body of work for an upcoming exhibit in April. Its new, different and a bit daunting to work on. It’s very personal work influenced by the past few years of my life.

In addition to the personal influence and inspiration of the work the medium is going to be different than my typical as well. My past work has mainly been photo based; woven, painted, transferred or other techniques. Photography has always been the focal point with other media complementing it. The past few years though, I have been working more and more with encaustic and book arts. Working with wax and paper feels very natural and fulfilling. I have become very fond of creating and experimenting in sculptured, layered and textured work.Photography will always be my first love but I feel that it is receding into the background a bit. Instead of being the main element it may just be an addition complimenting the main mixed media work or not included at all.

So, new very personal work that's not photo based, needless to say I feel very vulnerable about creating and exhibiting it. I am enjoying the process though, it’s not all fear and panic. I love being an artist and being able to create and express myself through art, it can be a very cathartic process.

Below is a sneak peek at a work in progress.