New Work


I have been working on a new series of hand woven photographs. The series began during my residency in Costa Rica this past December. There are two main components to the pieces. The first component is the photographs; I take them spontaneously wherever I happen to see a piece of nature that catches my eye. I incorporate the sidewalk or flooring around me as the background. The second component is the presentation. I hand weave the photographs into paper tapestries. Using a variety of weaving techniques and patterns I hand weave two identical photos into one. The process can take hours depending on the size and weaving details. After I finish weaving each piece I dip them into a bees wax encaustic.

I am really enjoying the experimentation, using different size strips and incorporating different materials and patterns. I will be exhibiting these pieces for the first time at Open Studios this year which is May 21st & 22nd 11am-5pm.

Below you can see a piece in progress