Opening Reception


Join me for South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk March 4th! - It's an eclectic evening of arts and culture in downtown San Jose's SoFA District (& beyond)! Venues are open 7pm-11pm & are free of charge

Artist's Reception- Phosphene Series: Hand Painted Polaroid Emulsion Lifts by Shannon Amidon
Good Karma
37 South First Street
San Jose, CA

Phosphene is an entoptic phenomenon characterized by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye. Flashes of light, often caused by rubbing the closed eyes. These images were created by hand painting blank 35mm slides. Polaroid pull-a-part prints were created using a vintage slide printer. The prints were boiled in water and the emulsion was carefully removed and placed onto watercolor paper. Each emulsion print is hand manipulated and one of a kind.

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Enjoy FREE PEDICAB RIDES between art venues courtesy of South First Fridays and Eco City Cycles!