Ouch my brain hurts

Back from tropical paradise and I had to hit the ground running. I really enjoyed Maui, it was absolutely beautiful. I was able to swim in the warm ocean and float on my back and look up at the clouds. I saw amazing coral reefs, snorkeling for the first time. The colors and textures were very inspiring. I also had a chance to work on some new artwork. I used many native plants to create lumen prints. I did a lot of experimenting with different papers and sun exposure. I am pretty happy with how they are turning out. I will post some samples soon.

Now I am back with just 2 weeks until Open Studios. My jet setting has really put the squeeze on me in terms of getting things done and ready. I set up for the exhibit at Saratoga library this week. I was just interviewed for a feature storey in the Rose Garden Resident, they will be sending a photographer out this week to shoot me in my studio. I am also working on some freelance graphic design work that is due in a week. Ouch my brain hurts, to much to do.