I was reading an article in the Art Calendar magazine and it really spoke to me. I will share the part the resonated the most with me.

A sage was teaching a young man about passion. He took his student to the ocean and instructed him to begin walking into the surf. The sage said” Keep walking even after your head is covered by the water. When you are near passing out, remember that feeling. That is the feeling of passion. When you feel for something as strongly as you want to breathe, you have passion. Passion is wanting to accomplish something more than any other thing in your life.

Passion is more than determination or pride. Passion is the fuel for your soul. Passion brings you back into the studio after you have faced humiliation and rejection time and time again. If you don’t have passion for making art, then no matter how much pride you have in yourself an how determined you are you are going to fail. Without passion, our work has no soul, and it wont reach people.