Shipping Artwork

The last few weeks I have been busy building custom shipping crates and outer boxes so I can ship my artwork 2,665 miles across country to Hamilton, Ontario,Canada. It has been an interesting challenge full of painful cardboard cuts and lots of tape. Shipping artwork safely can be a challenge and concern for many artists. I have been very apprehensive to do so in the past and that has limited my exhibition opportunities. When the opportunity came to be represented by The Nathaniel Hughson Art Gallery I knew I had to get over my fear. The gallery represents many great artists whose work I really like and I wanted to be a part of that.

I did a lot of research on shipping large artworks safely and found several great resources. One great site with a ton of info is
They speak mainly to shipping encaustic work but the techniques would definitely work for almost any kind of 2D artwork. They also provide a resources section where you can find many of the materials needed. I used their tutorials on building an insulated shipping crate and shipping box. Below are several pictures of the process. 

Cutting the rigid insulation - A messy, messy job

Packing two 24 x 24 pieces 

Finished insulated shipping crate

Finished shipping crate with unpacking instructions

Toddler testing out the strength of the crates

Insulated shipping crates inside of custom made shipping boxes
all labeled and ready to go