Spring is Here

Happy Spring Equinox! Its raining like crazy and I love it. A lot of people don't like and or are tired of this rain but I love it. Something about the rain is so inspiring and motivating, it has this electricity that affects me. The weather forecast for Peru is rain, rain, rain, but the temperature is from the 70's-90's, I especially love warm rain.
I have finally finished the banner project and will be turning it in this week. I must admit it was a bigger challenge than I expected. That is done now and its time to move onto the next project, getting ready for Open Studio's. That is always a large undertaking. My studio is not usually public friendly so I have to do a lot of work getting that together in addition to all of the art preparation. This year I am really excited to be offering archival reproductions of my work. I think that will be a good way to make my artwork more accessible to a larger audience.