Studio Tour


It has been approximately two years since I moved into my new art studio. Like many artist I created where ever I could find a space. In one house it was the dining room, in another it was a spare bedroom and there was even a pantry I created in. One of the necessities when we moved was that I had a dedicated studio space. I am so fortunate and blessed that we found such a perfect house with a little detached garage in the back yard. When we moved into our new home I was very excited about creating my very own art studio from scratch. I soon found out what a daunting task it would be. Sometimes having no limitations and constraints is a lot more difficult than working in a defined set of rules.

I knew I wanted to have specific working sections to the studio. I needed an office/business area, storage, wet/messy work area, tool section, display wall, etc. The challenges came with putting it all together and finding the right layout, furniture and supplies.

The first thing that happened was electricity, insulation, drywall, windows, and flooring. After all of those things were completed I had a blank canvas to work with. It took a while to get everything the way I wanted it and find the furniture that would work for my needs. Thank goodness for Ikea! Their kitchen counters and carts work perfectly for my needs and are relatively inexpensive compared to other options out there. Having open storage was really important to me as well because I really need to see everything I have. Slowly my studio started coming together and now it is pretty much perfect. I am sure over time it will change and evolve as I do, but I really can’t describe how happy I am with it. I love creating in there; I turn on my music, pull up the large roller door to let the light come pouring in and work away. I also love having the view of my garden and being able to run into the house if I want a snack or something.

I thought it would be nice to share my studio set up with you. I created an album on Flickr with photos of every section big and small. I have tried to include a title or description to explain each picture. I hope you enjoy it and that my studio inspires you to make a special place of your own to create in.