Adventures in Teaching


I spent the last 10 weeks teaching a wonderful teen workshop series at the Palo Alto Art Center. The program was titled Compose Yourself and gave students the opportunity to create a collection of visual and literary projects of their own design. They learned about methods in, dark room photography, papermaking, collage, drawing styles, encaustic, bookbinding, and much more. I'm not going to lie, it was a lot of work. Each week was a different medium and that takes a lot of prep. The materials list was crazy, everything from photo developer to Sumi ink and shaving cream. The Palo Alto Art Center was amazing though and always had everything I needed.

I really enjoyed the age group, young teens 13-16 years old. I found that they were open minded, curious and still had a sense of wonder. They were a fun and silly bunch of kids and sometimes I think I learned just as much or more than they did in regards to process and myself.

On the last day we had an art party and exhibited all of their work gallery style. It was really rewarding to see everything they had produced and learned over the 10 weeks.

student gallery

I also thought it would be fun to bring in a white fondant covered cake for them to decorate and art up. They really had fun with that and it was another way to express their creativity in a non-traditional way. Plus it was a delicious way to celebrate the end of the program.

Art Cake Decorating

cake 1

At the end of the art party I had a simple and fun project for everyone, an accordion envelope book. It was great seeing how the parents got into it as much as or more than the teens.

Parents and Teens making art together

Silicon Valley Open Studios


This is my 12th year participation in Silicon Valley Open Studios. For the past 11 years I have opened up my studio to the public to share my work space and art. This year for several reasons I am not opening my studio up. Instead I am participating with a group of 12 other artists at a beautiful home winery in Los Gatos.  This gives people the opportunity to enjoy a variety of artwork in one place. I am going to have lots of new artwork in a variety of sizes. I hope you can make it out to this amazing exhibit.

Silicon Valley Open Studios May 7th & 8th 11am-5pm 100 Alerchie Dr. Los Gatos, CA

This is Mother's Day weekend. It's a fantastic opportunity to bring your Mom out for a great afternoon of art and wine and maybe even pick up a one of a kind gift for her.

SVOS Ecard

Art and Grief

I was recently interview by Neville Harson LPC about art and grief. Grief comes in many shapes and sizes, and how grief is expressed can look very different from one person to the next.  Beware of anyone telling you specifically how you should or should not be grieving the loss of someone or something you love--there is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to grief.

I recently spoke with visual artist Shannon Amidon about art and grief.  Shannon is a California based artist who creates mixed media artwork primarily using the medium of encaustic painting.  She often incorporates repurposed or "upcycled" materials into her work.  In a span of five years, she lost seven family members and three work colleagues.  I asked her about how her work was affected by these deaths, and if she consciously approached her art with the idea of working through some of her grief.

You can read the full interview here

Looking Forward

I am extremely honored and excited to share that I have been invited to participate in the Triton Museum of Art's exhibit "50 and Looking Forward…" I will be exhibiting 4 pieces from my new series including brand new  piece that has never been seem before. The opening reception is Friday May 15th 6pm-8pm The exhibit runs from May 15th - July 12th

Here is a little snip-it from the Triton's website about the exhibit:

"2015 is the Triton Museum of Art’s 50th Anniversary year, and like many museums reaching such a milestone, we look back at how we arrived at where we are today. Equally important, however, is to look forward at what the arts in our community promise for the future. The Curators of the Triton Museum of Art have identified more than 20 emerging artists they feel are worthy of our attention in the coming years. While no such list can ever be complete, these artists have captured the Curators’ interest. And who knows? We may one day be looking back at them and the wonderful work they created … but why wait?"

Amidon announcement