This and That – A week in the life of…..

Listening to:When I am in the studio working I like to listen to podcasts. One that I recently found and have been enjoying is the Fresh Rag Show. It’s a combination of artist interviews, art business Q&A and advice. It’s a great no nonsense podcast that has some great insights and information. The format and host keeps me interested too, sometimes podcasts can be such a bore even if the topic is interesting to me.


Doing: This week I started my 3 month residency at the Tech Shop and have been  working away on new artwork for my upcoming exhibit. I really like the idea of combining fine art and tech/machine. It’s a really cool and inspiring place, I love seeing all of the people creating and making things. I have been using the laser cutter/engraver experimenting with paper cutting and etching. It’s a bit daunting learning a new process, thinking about things like power levels, speed and frequency of the laser. Are you dealing with vector or raster files, etc.  I am up for the challenge and can’t wait to discover the possibilities.

book cover etch

Enjoying: In the past month or two there has been an explosion of murals going up in San Jose. It is so awesome to see this public art giving my city vibrancy and supporting local artists. So far 4 have been put up and there are more to come. One of my artist friends Mike Borja has created an amazing mural titled the Crystal Tyger. He spent weeks creating the complicated design and it is beautiful.

Guardian Tyger