Guess what? I made an art book!

Guess what? I made an art book!

I am so excited to share this big news with you – I published my very first art book! You know how much I love books; they are an essential part of my art making and creativity. I’ve wanted to make one for long time and trusted that someday it would happen when the time was right. Well, today is the day and I am so proud of this book.

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50 Pieces in 50 Days


The first piece in the 50/50 Project I just started on the Sanchez Art Center 50/50 project. Selected artists come up with a theme (mine is Bugs and botanicals, exploring natural history through encaustic) and create 50, 6x6 pieces of art in 50 days.  It is quite a challenge that I am excited to take on.

You can follow my progress on Instagram. Each day I will be posting a new image, with the exception of when I am in Quebec in July for my artist residency. All pieces are available for presale but must be exhibited for the August 26th during the fundraiser and preview. Each piece will be $120 and there will be a 10% discount for purchasing 2 or more (presale or at opening).

When I received the panels it was quite daunting, I guess with all of the excitement of being chosen to participate I didn’t realize the enormity of creating 50 pieces of art. I’m sure it will be good for my creative practice and there will be good days and bad.

I hope you follow along with me on this journey.

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Stack of Blank Panels

Prepping Panels


Bats, fireflies, and a whole lot of artwork

The life of an artist can be kind of unpredictable. Even when you try and plan or outline your year you really never know what opportunities will pop up, what you will or will not get accepted or invited to.  When you apply for exhibits, grants, residencies, etc. It can be several months before you know if it is going to work out or not. I’m not complaining, in fact I love it - it’s exciting and fun and always changing. It just means that sometimes things can be a bit overwhelming and challenging to work out; especially when you have an enthusiastic toddler who wants to be a part of everything.residency So in true artistic style my summer is jam packed. I am so so soooo excited to share that I will be attending a week long biophilia artist research residency in Quebec. The theme of the residency is nocturne and each night we will be working with a different scientist or expert in a variety of fields. We will be learning about and catching fireflies with an entomologist, spending the night in the Lafleshe Cave system to witness the departure and arrival of a colony of bats, inoculating grain with bioluminescent fungus, as well as working with and learning about Herpetology, Ornithology, Astronomy and more.

Another crazy thing that I will be participating in is the Sanchez Art Center 50/50 art exhibit. I will be creating 50, 6x6 pieces of art in 50 days in the theme of Bugs and Botanicals. I know, I may be a bit mad especially since my residency is in the middle of those 50 days but I am always up for a challenge.