Learning to draw with thread

Yesterday I took a wonderful workshop with artist Lisa Lokin. She is an amazing and prolific mixed media artist who uses a lot of thread, fiber, found images and books for her artwork.  I really love and am inspired by her artwork. Her teaching studio is fantastic and in a beautiful natural setting in El Sobronte, CA.  Lisa is also a great teacher and I cant wait to take another workshop from her. The workshop was about drawing with thread using your sewing machine, a special free motion foot and solvy. It was so fun and interesting. I also liked how you can include other elements like paper, fabric, etc. I love learning new techniques and I cant wait to try and incorporate some of the new ones I learned into my own art.

Here are some of the pieces I made in the workshop. I still need a lot of practice but I learned a lot.

locust in progressLocust with shredded money wings before it goes into the sewing machine

thread butterfly in machineTracing butterfly with sewing machine

three finished threadFinished thread insects