For the love of trees

I love trees, always have. I still remember some of my favorite trees when I was growing up. One was a gigantic Eucalyptus tree.  It had an old owl living in it and I was always afraid it was going to fall on our house during bad storms. You could hear the branches rubbing together, creaking and whaling.  This tree was truly magnificent, and its fragrance was intoxicating.  I also loved a white mulberry tree. This was my climbing tree. I would frequently climb up and hide in its branches. The fruit was delicious and abundant. And I could never forget what we called the popcorn trees, which were flowering plum tress.  We would shake them and dance in the blossoms that came raining down. 

Im not sure if I will ever get over my fascination with them. I am currently reading the book - The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate—Discoveries from a Secret World by Wohlleben. Its a wonderful read so far and I am really learning so many new things about trees. 

Here are a couple of new pieces I recently finished. Trees of course.

Connection to the Divine by Shannon Amidon

Amid the Noise and Haste by Shannon Amidon

Time to unplug (at least for a little while)


In just a couple of days I am off to my biophilia residency in Quebec. I am really excited about it and can’t wait to learn, research and be inspired by all of the activities. I have decided to unplug for the week. Lately I have been feeling very overwhelmed by all of the information coming at me, it’s just too much. This residency is a perfect opportunity to get back to nature and really be present. So no social media, internet, laptop or TV for me. I am making an exception for my Kindle and Ipod. I can’t live without my music and books. Although this is not an art making residency (more for research and learning) I plan on doing a lot of writing and sketching. I will be bringing a small watercolor setup and a cyanotype making kit. Both are pretty small and require minimal setup.

I promise to share all of the details and images with everyone when I get back.

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