Encaustic Workshop & Studio Time


Encaustic palette

It's been a while since I have offered an encaustic workshop. The last few months I have been concentrating on Open Studios and teaching an 8 week art course to teens at the Palo Alto Art Center.

I thought this summer would be a great time to schedule a new Intro to Encaustic Workshop. If you have ever been curious about encaustic painting or even wondered how you might be able to incorporate it into your current art making practices this workshop is for you.

Introduction to Encaustic Workshop Encaustic is the art of painting with hot bees wax. This hands-on workshop is a great introduction to encaustic painting. Learn the basic techniques of encaustic painting including the history of the media, materials/safety concerns, heating tools and fusing techniques, layering, stenciling and other techniques to create beautiful works of art. All materials will be provided and students will go home with a sample technique board, resource list, instructional handouts and product samples. Class size is limited,  age 13 +

To learn more about and or register for this course head on over to my WORKSHOPS page.

I have also added a few other options for open studio time and private lessons. Maybe you have already taken an encaustic class but don't have the space or tools to play around with it more. Do you have a project or problem you are working on and can use a little extra help or time? I have created an open studio free time option where you can come to my studio and work and I provide all of the materials and tools. You can learn about that on my Workshops page as well.

Is there a specific technique you would like to learn with encaustic, book art or any other of the mediums I teach? Are you busy and can't fit in a 4 hour workshop? Then a private lesson might just be perfect for you. Private lessons offer more flexibility in scheduling and allow us to really focus on the topics that are important for you.

“I took a workshop from Shannon and it was the best experience ever. We spent two hours doing five different techniques with encaustic process with my own photographs. She provided an amazing amount of information. I think the best part was actually working in her studio with her and to see how she does the process as well. She does each step with you. I cannot wait to do another session with her and to use more of the techniques with my artwork” -Marianna Chambard


Book Arts Workshop at KALEID Gallery

Adventures in Teaching


I spent the last 10 weeks teaching a wonderful teen workshop series at the Palo Alto Art Center. The program was titled Compose Yourself and gave students the opportunity to create a collection of visual and literary projects of their own design. They learned about methods in, dark room photography, papermaking, collage, drawing styles, encaustic, bookbinding, and much more. I'm not going to lie, it was a lot of work. Each week was a different medium and that takes a lot of prep. The materials list was crazy, everything from photo developer to Sumi ink and shaving cream. The Palo Alto Art Center was amazing though and always had everything I needed.

I really enjoyed the age group, young teens 13-16 years old. I found that they were open minded, curious and still had a sense of wonder. They were a fun and silly bunch of kids and sometimes I think I learned just as much or more than they did in regards to process and myself.

On the last day we had an art party and exhibited all of their work gallery style. It was really rewarding to see everything they had produced and learned over the 10 weeks.

student gallery

I also thought it would be fun to bring in a white fondant covered cake for them to decorate and art up. They really had fun with that and it was another way to express their creativity in a non-traditional way. Plus it was a delicious way to celebrate the end of the program.

Art Cake Decorating

cake 1

At the end of the art party I had a simple and fun project for everyone, an accordion envelope book. It was great seeing how the parents got into it as much as or more than the teens.

Parents and Teens making art together

Learning to draw with thread

Yesterday I took a wonderful workshop with artist Lisa Lokin. She is an amazing and prolific mixed media artist who uses a lot of thread, fiber, found images and books for her artwork.  I really love and am inspired by her artwork. Her teaching studio is fantastic and in a beautiful natural setting in El Sobronte, CA.  Lisa is also a great teacher and I cant wait to take another workshop from her. The workshop was about drawing with thread using your sewing machine, a special free motion foot and solvy. It was so fun and interesting. I also liked how you can include other elements like paper, fabric, etc. I love learning new techniques and I cant wait to try and incorporate some of the new ones I learned into my own art.

Here are some of the pieces I made in the workshop. I still need a lot of practice but I learned a lot.

locust in progressLocust with shredded money wings before it goes into the sewing machine

thread butterfly in machineTracing butterfly with sewing machine

three finished threadFinished thread insects