Taking a Break

The last few months have been artfully exhausting. It all really hit me after my Open Studios 10 year retrospective. I have been prolifically creating and exhibiting non stop for so long. I have accomplished a lot and have had some amazing experiences. Unfortunately sometimes the business of art takes up more time and energy than creating art. It has been a bit draining and not as much fun taking care of all behind the scenes details.

So I feel that its time to take a break, sabbatical, respite from my constant creative output. I need to absorb and experience more, fill the well and renew my creative spirit. I also want to slow down and be more present and engaged.

I am sure I will still create because it’s in my blood and I can’t stop. However, it will be intentionally without purpose or meaning, just random artfulness.

I plan on participating in workshops, taking spontaneous photo trips, museum stalking, devouring lots of books and magazines and doing some things that push me out of my comfort zone a bit. Maybe I will take some piano lessons and try other activities that frighten me like life drawing, singing and mountain climbing.